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Below Are the Top 7 Exercises That Everyone Should Do

blog Oct 10, 2018


Said no movement professional that actually cares!  Every fitness magazine article speaks this way though!  Imagine I told you this. Here are the top 7:

  • Songs you have to listen to feel great
  • Meals you should eat to be healthy
  • Cars you should drive to feel free
  • Sports you have to play for enjoyment
  • Jobs that will make you happy


Personally, those statements all want to make me rebel!  Fitness isn’t any different! Your taste in music, your favorite foods, the car you love to drive, the sports you can’t wait to play, & the career you chose are unique to you.  Your workouts should be tailored to you because you are an individual. Your body responds differently than mine & the next guy & the gal over there so you need my help to find exercises that make YOU perform better & keep YOU happy on your fitness journey!

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50 years

blog Oct 10, 2018

Are your favorite songs from five years ago still the same? From ten years ago? From 20 years ago?I had someone tell me recently “I know what I’m doing in the gym I’ve been doing the same exercises for fifty years that I learned during high school football!”

This might be why he’s also in physical pain every day, overweight, & has tons of movement issues! Your fitness program needs to change & evolve & progress or else you are just trying to be that same high school kid listening to the same five songs. Brain decaying with your body!  Your body is meant to move in some many more ways than the same ten exercises your football coach taught you!

Okay it’s more reasonable to still like those same songs fifty years later, but trust me it’s not the same when it comes to your body & movement!

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Practice Should Be Imperfect

blog Oct 10, 2018

The reason practice makes perfect is that you are allowed make mistakes so that when the lights are on you can perform!  This doesn’t mean sloppy, unsafe and not targeted towards your end goal. It means you are pushing the edge a little bit so that you are improving.  With that should come many failures!

Whether it’s progressive overload with lifting weights and failing on the final rep or even a few reps away.  Challenging your balance on one leg and falling over. Doing a mobility drill that you are terrible at until you conquer it.  Pushing your endurance to do more laps in the swimming pool. Holding your breath longer to understand more about pain and discomfort.  Actually doing that exercise you want to be better at but keep avoiding cause you suck at it.

If you have been doing the same exercises for a while & you are pretty damn good at them maybe you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone & fail a little bit....

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Blind people can see with their tongue!

blog Oct 10, 2018

“You don’t see with the eyes. You see with the brain.” - Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita


No bullshit! Google it now! You may cry if you find the right video cause this brings shear joy to these people!  I included an article below so you can read about it too! The device is called a Brainport! It uses the sensory information in your TONGUE & a camera to allow the user to feel the shape of what they are seeing!  I’m telling you the BRAIN is crazy bananas powerful & so is the TONGUE & I want to share with you how amazing your brain is & can be! Enjoy!


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Healthy, Hopeful & Holistic

blog Oct 10, 2018

How does that sound for a Triple H?  When you are approaching your fitness through a neurological lens this is what you get to strive for!  Understanding how the brain can change gives us supreme hope! A brain based approach is holistic because the nervous system can’t be removed from the function of any other system.  It has a role of either power in influencing each system and/or its adaptability in response to each system. That being said a neuro based approach combines to make any other application for change that you want be it fitness, medical, mindful, business, etc. more likely to succeed.  That is holistic hopeful health!!!

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Eye Movements Are The Windows To Your Soul

blog Oct 10, 2018

It’s important to help you to understand why your eye movements could potentially tell me so much about what is going on with you if you have a disease, an injury, chronic pain, fatigue or if you are looking to be stronger, faster, or perform better on the other side of the spectrum.

When it comes to disease did you know that assessing visual skills is used to help identify schizophrenia.  Visual deficits are present for other diseases like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, etc. This means we could potentially catch the onset of these diseases earlier and potentially thwart them from wreaking as much havoc on us if we keep our visual skills intact.

Although any injury may include a visual component concussions have a direct affect on our visual skills.  The concussion protocol tests for sports is largely vision based. You don’t return until you reach your baseline visual assessment taken when healthy aka no longer concussed

Our energy levels &...

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Pain is like intuition

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2018

Stick with me I just made this up today with my intuition.  Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”  So you could say intuition is unconscious or at the very least autonomic


“Pain depends upon the brain evaluating a massive amount of information, including danger data from the danger detection system, but also cognitive data (for example expectations, previous exposure, cultural and social norms, beliefs – the context is critical and other sensory data (for example that from vision, or that from other sensors in the area).”  So you could say pain is unconscious or at the very least autonomic


What if we just replaced pain & intuition in these statements though!


Intuition Pain is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”  This make senses b/c your brain is sending...

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