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Practice Should Be Imperfect

blog Oct 10, 2018

The reason practice makes perfect is that you are allowed make mistakes so that when the lights are on you can perform!  This doesn’t mean sloppy, unsafe and not targeted towards your end goal. It means you are pushing the edge a little bit so that you are improving.  With that should come many failures!

Whether it’s progressive overload with lifting weights and failing on the final rep or even a few reps away.  Challenging your balance on one leg and falling over. Doing a mobility drill that you are terrible at until you conquer it.  Pushing your endurance to do more laps in the swimming pool. Holding your breath longer to understand more about pain and discomfort.  Actually doing that exercise you want to be better at but keep avoiding cause you suck at it.

If you have been doing the same exercises for a while & you are pretty damn good at them maybe you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone & fail a little bit.  It’s the best way to learn and grow!


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