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Eye Movements Are The Windows To Your Soul

blog Oct 10, 2018

It’s important to help you to understand why your eye movements could potentially tell me so much about what is going on with you if you have a disease, an injury, chronic pain, fatigue or if you are looking to be stronger, faster, or perform better on the other side of the spectrum.

When it comes to disease did you know that assessing visual skills is used to help identify schizophrenia.  Visual deficits are present for other diseases like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, etc. This means we could potentially catch the onset of these diseases earlier and potentially thwart them from wreaking as much havoc on us if we keep our visual skills intact.

Although any injury may include a visual component concussions have a direct affect on our visual skills.  The concussion protocol tests for sports is largely vision based. You don’t return until you reach your baseline visual assessment taken when healthy aka no longer concussed

Our energy levels & fatigue are highly impacted by our vision.  Visual fatigue precedes physical fatigue. When doctors are working for long shifts they will assess the doctors visual skills and send them home if they fail the visual tests.  Imagine how hard our eyes are working staring at screens all day and how fatigued they are becoming.

If you haven’t heard it before where your pain is showing up is not necessarily where the issue is.  If you have poor visual skills you may also have back pain, anxiety, depression, or some other unwanted output.  The pain is stemming from a visual issue & showing up elsewhere. This is more common than you’d believe.

Elite athletes are where they are because of their visual skills.  Not solely, but there visual skills are off the charts when compared to the normal athlete. There are a ton of super strong & super fast athletes that are not the best sports performers.  The best athletes are able to process incoming visual information quicker & make effective accurate faster decisions. Think about Tom Brady does he even look the like strongest guy at your gym or is he just the way better athlete?  

This applies directly to you if you want to perform better or feel better or have more energy or stave off any diseases.  You get to work towards it and own it!


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