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"Make no mistake that Dave from Fenomenal Fitness is the real deal. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough in his research and has a very friendly and non-intimidating personality, unlike other trainers. Dave put a spell on my parents as he also gave my dad some helpful pointers and guidance towards his goals too. They can’t wait to return to the US in 5 months to continue to train with Dave. If you are looking for a trainer that pushes you to succeed then Dave is your answer."

Sneha Rao
Technical Product Manager at NY Times

"From the start, Dave was attentive and extremely thorough. He always takes great measures to understand my diagnosis and create a program to suit my specific condition. I just completed our sessions and feel significantly better. My posture has improved, my core is stronger, and, most importantly, my back pain has significantly lessened. As a result, I am able to be more active with my 21-month-old daughter. I owe this 100 percent to Dave. Thanks! "

Michelle Adorno
Police Lieutenant Port Authority NY-NJ

"After many years of living a sedentary lifestyle and recovering from an Achilles surgery, I needed to exercise but I needed guidance. Luckily, I met Trainer Dave. He has exceeded my expectations. He has helped me become stronger and fitter. After seeing me limp, he took time to research various exercises for my Achilles and worked them into my routine. I attribute those exercises for reducing the daily discomfort I experience in my ankle. "

Pat Pontoriero
Vice Principal Newark Public Schools

""Dave Degenhardt will give you his utmost attention, dedication, and expertise. He will help you devise the program that will deliver what works best for you, no matter what your age, your limitations, or your time constraints. He will put you at ease and help you focus and achieve!""

Ann Shoskes
Director of Risk Management at Bloomingdales

"Dave made me more aware of my muscles and how they should move. We went through different body movements. During each one, he made me aware of which muscles to activate, and how to activate them. I never considered muscle awareness. Now, I see how it carries over into everyday life. Proper movement has helped relieve my backaches. "

Suvojit Chatterjee
Product Manager Fi-Tek, LLC

"“For the last 2 months I have been using David as a Personal Trainer. Working with David has provided better results than the previous 6 months I spent in physical therapy."

Lee Epstein
Retired October 2015

"Dave is an amazing trainer. He has helped me gain strength and stamina. With workouts that target my core, my lower back, which has always given me trouble, has improved. The pain in that area has been reduced and sometimes diminishes completely. I even have developed feeling in muscles that were dormant due to surgery. I’m able to move better, and now enjoy exercising. "

Germaine Manzi
Marketing Specialist Quest Diagnostics

"David did a great job at helping me build a strong lower body. He trained me on the proper form and technique needed to safely lift heavy objects. I learned valuable lessons on how to minimize common injuries when lifting. I strongly recommend David. "

Steve Hahn

"I walk out of each session with Dave amazed by how moving my body a certain way could relieve my chronic pain. There were days where I tried to cancel on Dave because my pain was so bad and he said I promise if you come I can help lower your pain level and each time he surpassed my expectations. "

Robyn Ingraham

"I highly recommend personal training sessions with Dave for all skill levels. He will help you reach your goals. You’ll see results, have fun, and, most importantly, keep your body moving! "

Stacey Sheerin
Medical Diagnostic Associates

"Dave gave me excellent instructions on core strengthening. He helped me improve my balance, too. Two years ago, I could not stand on one foot without a struggle. Now, it is not a problem at all. His training makes me feel proactive in my health, performing work to gain strength and endurance. Outstanding results! "

Joe Dowd

"Dave helped me manage– and improve– my chronic neck pain while increasing my overall strength. He is an excellent trainer who cares deeply about his profession and helps his clients feel great. I highly recommend training with Dave! "

Meri MacEacheron

"Dave was my personal trainer and he helped me to get in shape after I retired so that I could be active and enjoy my non-working years. He listened carefully to my goals and was attentive to my injuries, strengths and weaknesses. He structured a program for me that relieved a shoulder pain that had nagged me for years and also helped to improve my flexibility and balance which had been in decline. "

Bob Kurtter

"Dave did an outstanding job at creating a fitness plan that works for me. He took into account my physical limitations, which allowed me to reach my goals."

Lauchlin MacMillan

"When I had my first session with Dave, I could barely walk. Through different exercises, Dave progressively helped me use muscles that had atrophied. My left leg was especially difficult to lift. With table exercises and exercise bands, along with warm-ups using the new step machine, I saw a great improvement. Dave was patient as he challenged me. I recommend Dave to everyone. I am still doing the exercises he recommended. Thanks, Dave! "

James Franklin

"My goal is to have the healthiest retirement years that can be accomplished and they are being fulfilled. I get out of bed better, I walk better, more energy, no falls, better balance. Why, because my joints, muscles, etc are able to move better with a better range of motion because of the special training I am receiving from an incredible individual/trainer. I love my sessions which are a part of my life and I welcome anyone to train with David to enjoy a better life (and have fun too)! "

Bette Degenhardt



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