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Below Are the Top 7 Exercises That Everyone Should Do

blog Oct 10, 2018


Said no movement professional that actually cares!  Every fitness magazine article speaks this way though!  Imagine I told you this. Here are the top 7:

  • Songs you have to listen to feel great
  • Meals you should eat to be healthy
  • Cars you should drive to feel free
  • Sports you have to play for enjoyment
  • Jobs that will make you happy


Personally, those statements all want to make me rebel!  Fitness isn’t any different! Your taste in music, your favorite foods, the car you love to drive, the sports you can’t wait to play, & the career you chose are unique to you.  Your workouts should be tailored to you because you are an individual. Your body responds differently than mine & the next guy & the gal over there so you need my help to find exercises that make YOU perform better & keep YOU happy on your fitness journey!


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