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Drills With Dave

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This Way to A Better You

Personalized Coaching

Highly individualized personal training to help you reach your fitness goals & beyond.  Dave uses a brain based approach with neurological assessments to help design a program that is unique to you.  You will be floored when you experience this cutting edge approach!  Not only will you learn the best way to exercise but you will receive an education & learn how to make the real changes you have always desired.

I Want One on One Now

Small Group Coaching

If you feel more comfortable training with others, our small groups are an excellent way to include a social aspect in your health & fitness.  Training with friends, family or even strangers-turned-friends helps build consistency and accountability in our brain-based approach.  Watching how your partners move & helping each other improve is an invaluable way to learn. 

Social Is For Me

"Make no mistake that Dave from Fenomenal Fitness is the real deal. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough in his research and has a very friendly and non-intimidating personality, unlike other trainers."

Sneha Rao
Technical Product Manager at NY Times

"For the last 2 months I have been using David as a Personal Trainer. Working with David has provided better results than the previous 6 months I spent in physical therapy"

Lee Epstein
Retired October 2015

"Dave Degenhardt will give you his utmost attention, dedication, and expertise. He will help you devise the program that will deliver what works best for you, no matter what your age, your limitations, or your time constraints. He will put you at ease and help you focus and achieve!"

Ann Shoskes
Director of Risk Management at Bloomingdales

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