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Meet Dave

I’m not your average personal trainer trainer.  In fact those of us using the brain based approach to fitness are always in discussion regarding what the best title is for our role.  Is it a neuroplastician, an awesome-ologist, or my personal favorite an options facilitator? I do know one thing that I am using the applied neurological approach to allow my clients to experience much faster change when it comes to pain, movement and performance.  This drives hope to people who have tried many approaches and brings joy to everyone that experiences it. That is my driving force every day, to deliver the change that all my clients want, by giving them the necessary tools to do so allowing me to impact more and more lives on my road to being in the top 1% of trainers in the world.  Now that’s a cool title: Top 1% Elite Trainer. Even more amazing is most of the change is ready waiting within the person, I just help them bring it out!

My passion since I could think was sports.  I was the kid at my sisters sporting events shooting hoops on a 10 foot rim when most kids 4 years older than me couldn’t reach the hoop.  My dreams only ever involved sports and I could be seen playing any of them under the sun, but my true love is basketball though I was always playing baseball, soccer and golf.  Three knee surgeries at an early age stripped me of playing at the level I could have in high school thus crushing those dreams of playing collegiately and onward.

As a student my competitive nature to be the best always took over, gaining me eligibility at some of the top colleges in the US.  I went on to Lehigh University where I became a professional partier and an above average US engineering student. The competitive drive for perfect grades fizzled because what I excelled at academically up to that point really didn’t inspire me to be better and I whiffed on the true point of learning at the time.  This was the start of a number of years of feeling lost or stuck in a career path that I didn’t necessarily care about, I was just good at it. I was able to muster the energy to stick with this career for 10 years before I realized it wasn’t just taking a toll on me consciously, but it might be the biggest risk factor in my overall health.  Working in the corporate world I was riddled with pain and my brain literally felt like it was decaying. It was multitasking chaos of stress versus the truly challenging thought provoking problem solving I craved. Among many other physical pains I had sharp radiating pain down my leg related to a herniated disc, high blood pressure, and was overweight all while working out 6-7 days per week.  So while I went to a career coach for alternatives and started researching graduate schools that interested me neither led to that moment of realization to choose my new path. Personal trainer came up with the career coach, but it was denied by the coach for monetary reasons. I went to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist plus yoga and swimming routines, I started to regain some of my physical health but I was mentally drained.  Although I never understood what depression and anxiety truly meant, I was hit with both like a brick wall one day along with brain fog and memory issues that crippled me. I left my job in a severely battered state.

I love to share my health, fitness, and career rebound story with people because I know what it is like to go through the ringer to fight to be successful and be better in our current high stress environment only to feel like you are not serving the purpose you desire.  Plus I know through experience how to change it all. I’m still getting better at it every day because I love to help my clients realize their true potential and nudge them in the right direction for the change they desire. Plus once you realize you can make changes to better yourself it becomes addictive in the most health way.

It was so important for me to find my purpose in this world that I completely changed my life.  My life 5 years ago was COMPLETELY different in more ways than I can list. Knowing I wanted to leave a lasting impact in other people’s lives I knew I needed a career change.  I took a leap of faith to become a personal trainer. It was a scary leap! I now pour my heart, soul, time, money, and energy towards human performance and it has been the best decision I ever made.   I know how hard change is, but I also know how to show you the path of least resistance when it’s available and know when we have to grind together when it’s going to be tough. I know all of your goals aren’t easy which is why you are here now reading this.  If you want to change any aspect of yourself, to become a better you, I am the best choice. I am your Options Facilitator!


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