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Drills with Dave

Drills With Dave gives you:

  1. short training drill by video every 2 days
  2. Regular email reminders from your coach, Dave!
  3. Fresh content every 2 days (no two drills are repeated, keeping you engaged in the practice of them!)
  4. Eliminate training boredom
  5. Add neuroscience-based novel drills to your training

If you know health and movement are important for you, and find yourself searching for something that really works, Drills with Dave was designed to overcome that frustration.

Drills with Dave was created because I want you to be the hero of your own story.

Change requires more energy input than normal, so Drills with Dave was designed to be the battery-pack to your program.

Life is busy. But health and movement matter. We have to have a way to overcome the limitations of our schedules.

Designed with neuroscience in mind, applied to habit change and human performance, Drills with Dave hits the target every day to create powerful results for you.

Apart from the scientific backing, Drills with Dave is fun. I genuinely love working with clients to improve their mobility and pain management, and I get asked all the time for reference videos... which are now available in Drills with Dave!